Magnetized Buttons/Needleminders

A large selection of our buttons, especially our 1930's Vintage assortment, are available with magnets. This makes it ideal to wear as a Shawl Pin or Brooch, or use it as a Needleminder. The beauty is that they do not need to be sewn on, and the magents are strong enough to hold through several layers of textiles.

Our magnetized buttons also make ideal decorations for purses, as hatpins, etc., the options are endless!

Of course most of our items can be used as needle minders. Do you ever put your needle down, and when you come back it's gone? Our needle minders will hold on to your needle! Put the magnetic minder between the fabric, rest your needle on the minder, and it will be there when you get back!

Due to limited availability of our Vintage buttons and the constantly changing inventory, please contact Michael for current availability.